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  1. Nathaniel Wade’s core mission is to transform the way people discover and access Black-owned brands, through ecommerce. He co–founded Wakuda as an online marketplace for people discover and shop for unique, corridor inspired gifts and products from Black-owned brands, with products including everything from candles to Art, beauty products to books.

    In this exclusive interview, learn from Nathaniel about how he overcame the challenges of building a successful online platform for Wakuda, how to set up your own eCommerce operation effectively and how to get the most of relationship
  2. Kresse Anne-Marie Wesling CBE is co-founder of the luxury recycled accessories company Elvis and Kresse, which turns industrial waste into innovative lifestyle products and returns 50% of profits to charities related to the waste. 

    In this eCommerce Bootcamp fireside chat, Kresse will share her shortcuts to online success: Top tips for how to establish a firm footing for your business online

  3. It’s one thing launching your ecommerce operation online. The next thing is to scale it. Oliver Bonas, the independent lifestyle retailer with around 80 stores across the UK, have done just that. As the connected commerce lead at Oliver Bonas, Camilla Tress focuses on creating a seamless online experience for customers across bricks and mortar, and online.


    In this fireside chat, join Camilla as she identifies winning techniques to improve your company’s authenticity online. Discover how to create a truly authentic, personalised service experience for customers online, which promotes customer trust and loyalty as you are growing your brand.

    Camilla will also share reflections on Oliver Bonas’ recent adoption of a Customer Data and Experience Platform to automate marketing and better observe customer patterns and preferences to ensure best possible quality of service and improve customer experience online.

  4. seven years in roles such as Marketing and eCommerce Manager before becoming an independent consultant. He now helps digital clients harness SEO, conversion optimisation and strategy implementation to build sustainable, measurable eCommerce growth.

    In this exclusive eCommerce Bootcamp session, discover the basic mistakes that many ecommerce businesses are making, and how you can improve your SEO techniques to get a better return online.


  5. Join Holly Tucker MBE for our exclusive talk, where she’ll be sharing the twists and turns of her business journey, life lessons learnt so far, as well as sharing her own thoughts on the future trends in retail. 

    Our Key Note session is perfect for brands who are interested in hearing and being inspired by founder stories.

  6. Pinterest is one of the most exciting, positive and creative places to be online right now, but did you know it’s also a really powerful tool to grow your business too? In this masterclass, we’ll learn what makes Pinterest different as a marketing platform, how to show up there, and most importantly how to harness its power for your brand. 

    Our masterclass is perfect if you’re a product seller or content creator, and you want to grow your brand on Pinterest. 

  7. Starting a new retail venture and not sure who your target customers are?

    Join retail copywriter and strategist Aimée Lopez to discover three untapped strategies for finding your target customers. They may not be who you think they are.

    Customer buying habits have radically shifted since the pandemic. Understanding your target market’s buying motivations, pain points, and purchasing hesitations is the key to your retail business’s success.

    Our Masterclass is perfect for retailers and brand owners who want to learn immediately actionable tips to increase revenue.


  8. Join us as we explore how to build a loyal community - from digital retail and marketing strategies to customer experience and learn the strategies for D2C success that really work, the social ad formats brands are winning with right now and Bolt's Breakthrough in Influencer Marketing 
    Finishing with a troubleshooting Q&A session for your brand with our D2C marketing experts.  Our masterclass is perfect for retailers and brand owners who are looking to develop a robust ecommerce strategy.

    Increase your visibility and start getting your brand notices with insights and advice exclusively from our expert, a journalist turned PR expert who will share decades of experience with you. There will be key actionable takeaways exclusively for you, including how to attract the press and why it is key to look beyond social media.

    Our discussion is perfect for retailers and brand owners who are looking to develop a cohesive PR strategy - and finally get the recognition they deserve.

  10. In our opening session, retail business consultant, Ami Rabheru walks us through some of the key trends which she has seen that are driving customer engagement and sales for brands in conversation with Roman Dennis.

    During the session Ami will share some of the opportunities to create strong emotional responses in customers by tapping into new areas, including multi-cultural products, paying closer attention to the ever-evolving retail marketing calendar, and keeping a close eye on consumer lifestyle and behaviours. 

    Our masterclass is perfect for retailers and brand owners who want to learn all about key trends and where retail is heading for 2023 - whether you are online only, omnichannel or a brand owner selling to retailers and through your own channels.

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    Or book a discovery call with Ami

  11. Looking to stand out from your competitors and attract an engaged, invested customer base?

    In this session Ailie will explain the importance of a good brand story and share tips on how to communicate this through considered content creation and visual merchandising.

    Our masterclass is perfect for retailers and brand owners who are looking to develop a cohesive brand identity for their bricks and mortar shop or online destination and designs.


  12. During this session, Elizabeth Stiles & Hannah Paine of Épanoui will discuss the highs and lows of running a bricks and mortar store - including covid, community & the creative process.  We’ll also touch upon how Hannah has grown her sales through blending URL with IRL!

    Our discussion is perfect for retailers and brand owners who are looking to be inspired. 

  13. Brand strategies on social media are changing in step with new ways that customers are using social platforms. From influencer and social marketing on Instagram & Facebook to Pinterest's golden rules, what makes TikTok tick & You Tube go viral.  

    Join our expert panel as we explore trends that we’re seeing for 2023 - sharing tips for building a thriving and sustainable social media presence that works for you and your business and will support you through the post-pandemic recovery using social media as a way to showcase your shop window.  

    Our panel session is perfect for retailers and brand owners who want to learn key trends in social media and actionable tips.