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IRX eCommerce Bootcamp Fireside Chat: Improving Your Company’s Authenticity Online

11 Sep 2022

It’s one thing launching your ecommerce operation online. The next thing is to scale it. Oliver Bonas, the independent lifestyle retailer with around 80 stores across the UK, have done just that. As the connected commerce lead at Oliver Bonas, Camilla Tress focuses on creating a seamless online experience for customers across bricks and mortar, and online.


In this fireside chat, join Camilla as she identifies winning techniques to improve your company’s authenticity online. Discover how to create a truly authentic, personalised service experience for customers online, which promotes customer trust and loyalty as you are growing your brand.

Camilla will also share reflections on Oliver Bonas’ recent adoption of a Customer Data and Experience Platform to automate marketing and better observe customer patterns and preferences to ensure best possible quality of service and improve customer experience online.

Camilla Tress, Connected Commerce Lead - Oliver Bonas