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Aerts NV offers contemporary, competitive products that appeal to a wide audience. With the innovative yet accessible designs of their products, Aerts focusses on the needs of each customer segment. This is reflected in the wide brand portfolio that the company offers.


Defining your personal interior style often starts with your choice of dinnerware. It reflects your lifestyle, your way of dining. The importance of presentation is without doubt the key feature to a successful dinner. The power of tableware lies within its capacity to enhance the dining experience, without taking the spotlight away from the dishes. 

Keeping that in mind, the Belgian brand CHIC brings you unique and timeless designed tableware, in combination with unique material features. CHIC aims to produce user-friendly design products with an added value.

CHIC was founded end 2014 in Belgium. Its designs are the result of a close cooperation between a Dutch-Belgian design team supported by an international team of product specialists. The young brand was already nominated a few times, mainly in the hospitality sector.

2. Fine2Dine

Fine2Dine is a trend- and time-based brand that quickly evolves and responds to the latest creative trends and innovations in the market. High-quality tableware in trendy colours and materials with a modern design and an excellent usability. With a focus on the professional food service industry, the fundamental goal of Fine2Dine is to respond to all the current requirements of the market, providing professionals the opportunity to be creative and easily mix and match food, ambiance and presentation. The chef of tomorrow should be able to switch his set-up whenever he wants, according to his culinary creations, the corresponding season or the atmosphere of the restaurant. And this, most importantly, at affordable prices.

Fine2Dine was founded in December 2016 and is a fast growing young brand. All F2D collections are created by a Belgian product team in close collaboration with an international team of product specialists and designers. Research, creativity and market insights are combined to develop multiple trend-based collections that respond to the professional’s needs. The designs are always user-friendly, keeping the unique feature of each product in mind.

3. Salt&Pepper

Homewares are the building blocks of a beautiful home and with the impeccable brand Salt&Pepper, you can accessorize your home with everyday elegance to suit every occasion. Since its launch in 1995, Salt&Pepper has been synonymous for developing contemporary home accessories, consistently focusing on different design trends. 

Inspired by fashion and design trends from around the world, Salt&Pepper believes in creating accessories for your home that allow you to express your personality in the same way fashion accessories complement a total outfit. The end result is to create your own individual style with the ability to adapt and change with every mood or occasion.

Starting in 1995, the core of the brand is located in Australia. However since three years, the international brand is also strongly focusing on the needs of the European market.


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