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Creating Something Different!

Come and see our new collection of Novelty gifts!

From the World's first Beer Slippers to a set of decision dice that will help you decide what to order for take-away!! Come and sample our diverse and whacky sense of humour that will get everyone talking!


The Diabolical Gift People
Unit 5 Cromer Hyde Farm, Off Green Lane,
United Kingdom

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  • Hand Bell - Gin

    24 Aug 2021
    Use this elegant looking bell to call for a well earned glass of Gin.  (Bottle if you had a hard day – Ring vigorously)  
  • Naughty Coasters

    24 Aug 2021
    A Pack of four Novelty Coasters
  • Swearing Punchball

    24 Aug 2021
    Release your anger with this fully portable desk top punch ball. Whether in your office or at home, you can express how you feel with the flick of your wrist! Once this little beauty has said it’s pie ...
  • Fart Fan

    24 Aug 2021
    Dual purpose fan to keep the people you care about away from your stinky Farts. Blow those farts away and at the same time let the fan’s LED blades warn you with fancy lit up warning messages. A reall ...
  • New Shoes Charity Box

    24 Aug 2021
    For the purpose of collecting Shoe money from one’s friends, family and any stranger generous enough to want to support a New Shoes  habit. This product also comes with a set of stickers that can be g ...
  • As the original producer of Adult Novelty Grow products, Here’s the perfect little gift for the friend that needs some help. Never mind all the disappointments of the past!  This chap will never let h ...
  • Tight Git Mint Pills

    24 Aug 2021
    Pills to help loosen up even the tightest of ass holes! (Really tasty Mints)
  • Really fun and novel Sleeping Mask that Glows in the Dark to let everyone know you are re-charging your batteries!
  • Inflatable Jesus

    24 Aug 2021
    A best selling item that brings great tongue in cheek humour and fun to all who love Jesus.  A great Christmas gift that continuously proves its popularity.
  • BS approved Sunglasses for the festive season.
  • Grow A Hairy Beaver

    24 Aug 2021
    Here's a fun, tongue in cheek gift that will get the recipient laughing out loud.  A cute and cheeky indoor Plant with a humorous twist to it.
  • Novelty Memo pad that will add some fun to tsaking a message
  • Revenge Voodoo Doll

    24 Aug 2021
    Release your anger and frustration with this best selling Novelty Voodoo Doll.  
  • Sprout Slippers

    24 Aug 2021
    A comfortable and stylish addition to the wardrobe that will endorse the value of Vegetables for ones health and to take Sprouts more seriously!! We are so excited this idea for Slippers Sprouted up a ...
  • Hair Lights

    24 Aug 2021
    Lighting up hair like a Christmas Tree. These awesome, psychedelic clip on Hair lights will make the wearer the star of the Christmas Festivities.  With two light modes to choose from one can flash th ...
  • Gin Hangover Kit

    24 Aug 2021
    Never mind the bottle of Gin! You can get that anywhere. What we have is a kit that will deal with the after effects!
  • Give them something hilarious to spice up their bathroom. This is just one of a little range of fun novelty loo Rolls that we have to offer.  Come and see us to see the full range.  
  • Part of our new "Quirky Kitchen" range, these are our latest pair of Washing Up Gloves designed to motivate even the laziest bloke in the kitchen.
  • BEERd Baubles

    24 Aug 2021
    The perfect party Gift for the passionate Bearded Beer / Ale drinker. Energise that festive fun at the pub, home or office party.   Can also been worn by ladies with excessive facial hair.
  • Add some personality and humour to your garden and give something for the birds to nibble on!  
  • MESSAGE On A Bottle

    24 Aug 2021
    Here’s something original that will spice up that age old tradition of gifting someone a bottle of plonk.  
  • Word Search Gift Wrap

    24 Aug 2021
    Here’s bringing you a novel new way of wrapping a gift. You can convey the message you want to send, by looking for the words and highlighting them.
  • Our Cutie Rag-Doll Mask would be a great addition to any bedside table. Soft materials that are kind to the eyes with adjustable plush strap.  High quality material - beautiful design.  
  • Here's a new concept in Gifting a bottle of plonk. Forget about those boring bottle bags, this a  concept that is sure to capture the imagination of the consumer.
  • Beer Slippers

    24 Aug 2021
    For the Beer Lover who thought they had everything …but clearly didn’t! If you spill Beer over them you won’t even notice and they will even just look more authentic! Impress your mates, be seen with ...
  • Zit Mints

    26 Aug 2021
    Here we have a pack of mints containing three foil strips of mints.
  • Pooping Turkey

    26 Aug 2021
    Hilda is being pursued.  It is Christmas time and the Farmer is after her. She is shit scared and has lots of poop that can’t come out. Amazingly enough though….her poop is Cola flavoured and actually ...
  • Add some Christmas cheer and be the envy of all your fellow shoppers as you show off the very trendiest of protective face masks over the festive season.
  • Onion Goggles

    26 Aug 2021
    These “Original” Onion Goggles are not just a fad. They really do the trick to keep out those irritating odours and stop you from crying every time you cook!  
  • A pair of two 4 CM dice that will help you decide that all important question….  
  • Here at last we are happy to present the very first portable roll up Beer Pong Game that has been designed just for the Festive Season in mind!  This game has everything you need to play this traditio ...
  • You have everything! Nice clothes, smart shoes, an Executive bag for you Laptop…..but wait.. You don’t have it all…Not until you are the proud owner of these sensational “Clown Shoes”! 60 CM of innova ...
  • Now you can treat your beard with the most fashionable and on trend look for this Christmas.  
  • This “GLOW IN THE  DARK” STOP SNORING Hand Bell is your all essential bedroom accessory that will have it’s own place on your bedside table.  
  • We are proud to present the ultimate Festive wind up racing collection. A gift to suit ages 3 plus for even more fun over the festive season