Gayle Noonan, Tajana Von Stein

Gayle Noonan, Tajana Von Stein

Co-founders, Sella Concept

Gayle Noonan is director of Sella Concept. Known for its attention to sensory detail and brand-driven design process, the studio’s work encompasses interiors, visual identity, set design and curation. Its projects encompass retail and other commercial spaces, restaurants and bars, hotels and members’ clubs, and often include brand-identity development and bespoke furniture design.

Whatever the project, Gayle puts form and function at the heart of it, always looking for ways to communicate brand and identity through design, and combining a practical, detail-oriented approach with a sensitivity to the emotive power of people and places. Projects include the award-winning Piraña restaurant and bar, and set design for Conran Shop, Netflix and Instagram.