Physical Distancing & Face coverings

  • We will continue to follow the relevant government guidance in relation to COVID-19. Whilst there are no current restrictions on events we do advise exhibitors to continue to consider extra hygiene within their stand area and respect peoples space
  • Face coverings are optional – we are a mask friendly event 

Hygiene & Cleaning

  • Think about your personal hygiene - wash your hands and use hand sanitiser regularly
  • Reduce touch points as much as possible.


  • Follow your employers COVID Secure measures
  • This could include completing a self-health assessment each morning before coming to site.
  • Let your team know if you are feeling unwell


CDM places duties on the Principal Client, Principal Contractor & Principal Designer, as well as all contractors on site to apply the following safety principles. 

  • Eliminate or control risks so far as is reasonably practicable
  • Ensure work is effectively planned
  • Appoint the right people and organisations at the right time
  • Make sure that everyone has the right information, instruction, training and supervision to carry out their work safely and without risks to health
  • Have systems in place to help parties effectively cooperate, communicate and coordinate their work
  • Consult workers with a view to securing effective heath safety and welfare measures
  • Ensure any actions required are sensible and proportionate to the risk

Why have site rules & induction?

  • This is a stated requirement under CDM….
  • The law requires all of us to work safely


  • We are each responsible for our own actions
  • Any one of us could be prosecuted, fined, even imprisoned for not working safely
  • Everyone has the right to expect to go work in a safe environment and go home from work without injury
  • None of us wants to be injured or to be responsible for anyone else’s injury or death


  • Even without the law, it still makes good sense to work safely
  • If in doubt, stop and ask your line manager
  • If you see someone acting unsafely, it is your duty to stop that activity and report it to your line manager

Firstly - be aware of the types of accidents most likely to happen on the Exhibition site:

  • Vehicle and mobile plant accidents
  • Falls from height and being struck by falling objects
  • Accidents with hand and power tools

Secondly - be aware of your own employer’s inductions & risk assessments:

  • Your employer should provide you with a task specific induction / toolbox talk on arrival at work
  • You need to know what your employer’s risk assessments say – and apply them to the work you do

And be aware of the Exhibition site safety rules too:

  • As well as your employer’s assessments, you need to know and comply with the exhibition site safety rules

Site Phases

  • The event period (tenancy) is from Wednesday 8 September to Wednesday 14 September and is split into 5 clear phases.

  • Be aware of what phase the site is in when you are working on site.

Event     Venue  Hall Red Phase 1 Amber Phase 2 Green Open Phase 3  Amber Phase 4 Red Phase 5
Top Drawer Autumn Olympia Grand Hall 8-9 September 2022 10 September 2022 11-13 September 2022 13 September after 17:30 - 14 September 2022 14 September

Venue, Services and contacts

Show Management Office Location Gallery of Grand Hall
Show Management Office Number 0207 598 6510
Build-up / Breakdown Catering Facilities Eat Street at the front of the Grand Hall 
Toilets, Baby Changing & Disabled Toilets Available on both the Ground and Gallery Levels 



  • Keep the place you are working tidy – avoid slips, trip and falls
  • See something unsafe? – deal with it yourself if you can - If you can’t, report it to the Organisers’ Office without delay
  • Report accidents – even minor ones – it could prevent a more serious one
  • Use the toilets and hand-wash facilities provided throughout the venue
  • Do a brief visual check of any equipment you are using before you start and report any concerns immediately.
  • Everyone must always consider the safety of themselves and others
  • Contractors must remove their waste from site
  • Smoking is not permitted – Including E-Cigarettes and vaping
  • Dangerous working will result in an hour suspended from site, repeat offenders will be removed from site

First aid arrangements

  • Who are your own first aiders – you should have one on site
  • Where is your own first aid kit?
  • If you need help, please contact a member of security or the Organisers’ Office

Methods of working

  • Appropriate and safe methods of working at height are always required

Traffic, use of vehicles and operation of mobile plant:

  • Be aware of moving traffic – in the loading areas and plant in the hall
  • The speed limit is:  5mph in the loading areas
  • Valid full driving license for the type of vehicle concerned must be held. Evidence of training for the type of vehicle or plant concerned as well as employer’s authorisation to drive it
  • Please ensure that any reversing vehicles have a banksman
  • Safety reversing alarms are required on all vehicles that can be operated in reverse
  • Use seat belts, if fitted.
  • Passengers MUST NOT be carried on forklifts or dumpers, or where there is no provision for a passenger
  • Authorisation to drive may be removed by the Organiser for repeated breaking of these rules.

Use of power tools:

  • Training and your employer’s authorisation required for the use any type of power tool
  • Use of eye, hearing or other PPE as required for the tool – see your employers risk assessment for it
  • All hot work activities that may generate sufficient heat to cause ignition are prohibited without authorisation from the Organiser’s. This may include gas or electric arc welding; use of LPG torches or blowlamps; hot air paint strippers; lead welding; angle grinding; If in doubt, ask!

Work at height:

  • Avoid working at height - if that is possible
  • Suitable towers, ladders and stepladders may be used – if used safely
  • Stop the Drop Campaign – Top Drawer Autumn 2022 supports the industry Stop the Drop Campaign – for more information please pop into the Organisers' Office

Welfare & clothing

  • Appropriate footwear must be worn
  • High vis must be worn in the loading areas
  • Excessive late working will require additional crews

Repeated breaking of safety rules may result in your removal from the Exhibition Hall.