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SOCIAL EXPERT - Reel in Success: Social Media Mastery for Retail Brands in 2024

16 Jan 2024

Session Focus: Dive into the dynamic world of social media marketing with a specific focus on reels. Our expert duo guides you through the 10 essential reels that will drive your sales in 2024. This session zooms in on the strategic use of reels  providing insights into crafting effective marketing strategies centred around captivating reel content.

Summary: Join our Marketing Expert Series and reel in success in the digital realm! In this session, our experts unravel the latest trends in reels.  Explore how to amplify your brand's reach and engagement by creating compelling reels, strategically blending organic content efforts.

This workshop is perfect for those ready to elevate their 2024 marketing strategy through a dynamic and focused approach to social media.

Kirsty Raper, Founder - Rebuildagram
Andie Mcdowell, Founder - DAHLIA BEACH