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RETAIL EXPERT - Passion & Purpose: Stacy Chan's Founder Journey and the Rise of Sustainable Retail

14 Jan 2024

Session Focus - Join us for an exclusive masterclass with Stacy Chan, Founder of PLATFORM, an independent store in the heart of Central London championing sustainable fashion, accessories, home and art. 

Summary : Step into Stacy’s inspiring journey of entrepreneurship as Stacy shares her unique founder story, exploring the highs, lows, and pivotal moments that shaped her path in fashion. Discover how sustainability became a driving force in Stacy's vision for PLATFORM, and gain valuable insights into how to survive in the evolving retail landscape. 

This masterclass is not just a glimpse into a founder's story but also an honest look into the intersection of entrepreneurship and sustainable retail, offering practical takeaways for those looking to make a positive impact while growing their business.

Stacy Chan, Founder of Platform Retail