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RETAIL EXPERT - Crafting Customer Delight: The Art of Retail Experience:

14 Jan 2024

Session Focus: Join us as we delve into the journeys of two retail entrepreneurs, Louise Daniel and Anna Woods. Louise, the architect behind a flourishing online marketplace, and Anna, the visionary with three successful brick-and-mortar stores, are here to share their insights on elevating the overall customer experience in retail.

Summary: Immerse yourself in the world of customer-centric retail. From Louise's online marketplace, with the focus on product photography that engages customers in a visual feast. Louise will share the secrets to creating a virtual space that beckons customers. And meet Anna, the mastermind behind three brick-and-mortar stores, where every corner tells a story, and every interaction is a chapter in the customer's journey. Anna understands the power of face-to-face engagements, and in this session, she'll reveal how seamless interactions in her stores have become the cornerstone of customer satisfaction.

Our entrepreneurs stories go beyond individual success; they've embraced the opportunities within the marketplace and the small business community. 

Our session is perfect for you if you are interested in understanding the importance of customer- centric retail within the design led industry and enjoy hearing founder stories.

Louise Daniel, Founder - And so to Shop
Anna Woods, Founder, Positive Retail