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10 Jan 2024

Unicorn Height Chart Wall Art

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  • Unicorn Height Chart Wall Art
  • Unicorn Height Chart Wall Art
  • Unicorn Height Chart Wall Art
Unicorn Height Chart Wall Art Unicorn Height Chart Wall Art Unicorn Height Chart Wall Art

Introducing our Princess Unicorn Height Chart. This is a textile wall art sticker, which is mess free, easy to apply (just peel & stick), it's also easy to remove and re apply many times withour causing damage to your walls.

Interactive Growth Tracking: Watch your child grow right before your eyes as you mark their height on the colorful and engaging height chart. Create a lasting memory by recording each growth spurt with dates and personal notes.

Kid-Friendly Design: Adorned with vibrant and adorable illustrations, our height chart doubles as captivating wall art. The child-friendly design sparks imagination and adds a touch of personality to the room.

Premium Textile Material: Crafted from high-quality textile material, the sticker is not only durable but also safe for children. It is easy to clean, ensuring its longevity while maintaining its vivid colors.

Easy Application and Removal: The height chart is designed for hassle-free application – simply peel and stick. Its removable adhesive allows for repositioning without damaging walls, making it suitable for rented spaces.

Versatile Decor: Beyond its primary function as a height chart, this textile wall art sticker serves as a versatile decor element. Transform any bland wall into a lively and enchanting space that grows with your child.

Ideal Gift: Make every child's room special by gifting this height chart to expecting parents or for birthdays. It's a thoughtful and practical present that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Measure your child's growth in style with our Textile Wall Art Sticker Height Chart for Kids – where practicality meets creativity in the world of childhood memories!


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