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14 Feb 2024

Storigraphic x Hornsea® 'Originals/Moderns'

Storigraphic Stand: N29
  • Storigraphic x Hornsea® 'Originals/Moderns'
  • Storigraphic x Hornsea® 'Originals/Moderns'
  • Storigraphic x Hornsea® 'Originals/Moderns'
Storigraphic x Hornsea® 'Originals/Moderns' Storigraphic x Hornsea® 'Originals/Moderns' Storigraphic x Hornsea® 'Originals/Moderns'

The Storigraphic x Hornsea® collection launched in Jan 2023 with a capsule paperware range, featuring acclaimed pattern designs including favourites Heirloom, Saffron and Brontë.

Working in partnership with Hornsea® was a happy dream come true for our Co-founders & Creative Directors, Nic and Roz. They had long admired and been galvanised by the iconic pottery studio’s work — representing 50 years of British design heritage.

For the collaboration, Nic & Roz selected six patterns from the Hornsea® archives that would be applied as originally created, with new colourways, and then created six (subtle) variations of the same patterns as their modern versions. Following design and development, they were proud to present the Storigraphic x Hornsea® ‘Originals/Moderns’ collection.

Since its launch, the collection has grown to include shopper tote bags, napkin sets, and soon launching the new Saffron dining set comprising table runner, placemats and napkins.

The full collection will be available to view at Top Drawer.



Hornsea®’s surface pattern designs and approach to production was ahead of its time. Founded in 1949 by the Rawson brothers, the studio quickly went on to achieve great prosperity and acclaim — selling pottery in thousands of outlets across the world for over five decades, with virtually every household in Britain having at least one piece of Hornsea® pottery during that time. Today Hornsea® is revered as a great British design story, with a 500 member collector society and a museum dedicated to its legacy.




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