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14 Jun 2024

Salt & Pepper Mill Toucan Orange

  • Salt & Pepper Mill Toucan Orange
  • Salt & Pepper Mill Toucan Orange
  • Salt & Pepper Mill Toucan Orange
Salt & Pepper Mill Toucan Orange Salt & Pepper Mill Toucan Orange Salt & Pepper Mill Toucan Orange

Playfully-designed yet Practical Wooden Salt & Pepper Mill

This Swedish-designed wooden salt and pepper mill will add a playful touch to your kitchen. At the top of the mill sits a handmade wood-carved toco toucan, and the mill body has a chip-carved texture that adds to the natural feel of the wood.

This mill features a high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism, and you can adjust the grain size of the spices by turning the toucan at the top of the mill. The spices emerge from the top of the mill, ensuring your surfaces stay crumb-free.

To refill the mill, pull the halves apart.


  • A high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Adjustable grain size with the help of the carved figure
  • Easy refilling by taking the mill halves apart
  • The ground spices come out at the top—fewer crumbs on the table

About Toco Toucans

The oldest known remains of a toco toucan are from Brazil, dating back around 20,000 years. In 1776, the German zoologist Philip Ludwig Statius Müller described this toucan species based on specimens from French Guiana.

The toco toucan is the largest toucan species, averaging 56 cm in length. Its large beak appears heavy but is relatively light as it is mainly hollow. It is easily recognisable with its orange beak and black plumage. Toucans inhabit parts of southern Mexico, Central America, and South America down to northern Argentina.

Toco toucans are the only toucans that live outside of deep forests and prefer savannas with forest patches and open woodland. Toco toucans may benefit from the deforestation in South America's tropics, as they have begun nesting around airports and newly built roads.

Toucans generally eat fruit but can also catch insects, raid eggs, or steal chicks from other birds' nests to supplement their diet. Toucans also eat peppers – they can tolerate capsaicin, which gives chilli peppers their heat. Toucans initially feed their young insects and other protein-rich food, but their diet shifts more towards fruit as they grow. The usually social toco toucans become more solitary during the breeding season. Both parents take turns incubating the eggs.

Design by Wildlife Garden

We love creating beautiful items for the home, especially items with a function. Inspired by nature, our designers and artisans have worked together to create playful yet practical kitchenware that celebrates the variations and personality born from handcrafted items.

Our collection of salt & pepper mills reflects our love of the natural world and the heart of the home, the kitchen.


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