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Pure White 40%

Chocolarder Ltd Stand: FEK06

A whole cocoa bean contains around 50% cocoa butter, which has a melting point just below human body temperature and is the reason that chocolate deliciously melts in the mouth. Chocolate that is made from the whole bean, ie. bean-to-bar rather than a reconstitution of cocoa powder and cocoa butter, will always have this fat content as it is naturally present in the bean.

White chocolate is often denigrated as not ‘real’ chocolate due to the absence of cocoa solids. Given that cocoa butter makes up more than half of a cocoa bean, we say this is up for debate. White chocolate is usually a confection of cocoa butter used as a vehicle for sugar, milk powder and vanilla, which has little to recommend it. As with all chocolate, however, there is a world of difference between the commodity product and the bean-to-bar craft approach.

By pressing fine flavour cocoa beans ourselves, we extract virgin fine flavour cocoa butter which needs just as little interference as the rest of our chocolate to produce a craft white chocolate worthy of the name. The reason we call it pure is that we don’t mess around with it, evidenced by its unrefined, natural appearance.


As with all our products, the chocolate is made in our Falmouth factory.


Strawberry, Caramel, Pistachio


Cocoa butter, unrefined raw sugar and milk powder. 70g


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