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New Christmas Range 2024

Gin In A Tin Stand: FEM02
  • New Christmas Range 2024
  • New Christmas Range 2024
  • New Christmas Range 2024
New Christmas Range 2024 New Christmas Range 2024 New Christmas Range 2024

Gin In A Tin’s Christmas range offers a captivating array of festive gins, presenting an excellent opportunity to elevate your Christmas offering this year. If you are seeking new and intriguing gifts to stock on your shelves, our spotlight shines on two remarkable brand-new products:

Gin Crackers: A novel addition to our lineup, these gin crackers add a sophisticated and playful twist to traditional Christmas crackers. Each cracker surprises customers with a miniature gin bottle, a crown, and an interesting gin fact, enhancing the joy and merriment of the festive celebrations in any household.


Off to the Inn Gin: Inspired by the heartwarming Christmas tale, this regal and opulent gin captures the essence of the journey to the inn, paying homage to the three wise men. Its luxurious taste and elegant packaging make it a delightful choice for customers seeking a classic yet festive gin experience.

Among our standout products, we offer the 12 Days of Christmas box set, showcasing twelve meticulously crafted gins with a diverse array of botanicals. This exquisite gift set ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for discerning gin enthusiasts.

Additionally, our 50cl tins of gin feature eye-catching festive illustrations, such as a Turkey or a Partridge in a Pear Tree. Furthermore, our Festive Gin Tipples come in an appealing gift box, offering four adorable miniature gins, complemented by a “Merry Christmas” belly band.

All our products are letterbox friendly, guaranteeing hassle-free delivery direct to the recipient’s door if required. 

By adding Gin In A Tin’s Christmas range to your shelves, you will be providing your discerning clientele with unique and delightful gift options that capture the essence of the festive season in every sip.

Be sure to visit us on stand FEM02 in January 2024 to find out more!



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