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04 Apr 2024

Love Vegetables (9780711287808) £20.00

The Quarto Group Stand: N20
  • Love Vegetables (9780711287808) £20.00
  • Love Vegetables (9780711287808) £20.00
Love Vegetables (9780711287808) £20.00 Love Vegetables (9780711287808) £20.00

Love Vegetables is bursting with sumptuous, fresh and repeatable recipes that will transform the way you perceive vegetables, making them your go-to ingredient for nourishing and adaptable meals.
Focusing on teasing out amazing flavour from roots, shoots and leaves with a creative touch, these dishes are both indulgent and satisfying, for a new, vibrant repertoire you’ll want to cook time and again.
By shifting vegetables from colourful sides to dynamic centrepieces, author Anna Shepherd shares the insider knowledge she has gained from her many years cooking professionally and working with growers and farmers. Anna shows you just how easy and rewarding it can be to create dishes that are as generous, richly-flavoured and sustaining as those with meat or fish.  
Organised by vegetable type, focusing first on alliums, hardy and tender greens, potatoes and creamy roots, and then moving on to tougher to love roots, tomatoes and peppers, sunny and savoury vegetables and liveners (crispy toppings, herby sauces and punchy salsas).
The book includes inspiring recipes such as Sweetheart Red Curry; Pumpkin & Cheesy Chilli Baked Rice; Scorched Cucumbers with DIY Burrata; Five Spiced Mushroom & Walnut Ragu; Shaved Celeriac & Hazelnut Caesar and Aubergine Chips with Chopped Salad & Tender Halloumi. 
Throughout these pages, Anna shares her specialist food knowledge, showing you how to make the most of fresh produce. With delicious and original combinations and useful tips and insights, this unique book will boost your vegetable confidence and truly make you love vegetables.


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