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12 Dec 2023

hand crafted quilt - wave

Perren Studios Stand: CRF05

This unique singlet* has been hand stitched and has a combination of contrasting and subtle thread shades. The fabric is 100% cotton and the design has been digitally printed from an original drawing, this design is a limited edition of 20. The binding utilises a solid grey which frames the piece well, it was hand finished. The backing is a mustard shade fleeced jersey back to provide a light loft [thickness].

This item can be used as a blanket, throw, quilt or cover or, it can be displayed as a wall hanging. If you choose to purchase this item, please comment on wether you intend to use it as a working product or as a wall hanging and I will arrange to have a sleeve placed on the back so that it can be hung ‘invisibly’ on the wall.

This item is 109 x 138 cm / 44 x 54″

*Singlet is the term used for a quilt that has not been made with wadding, it is just two layers of fabric.


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