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07 Mar 2024

Foodie Places (9780711287327) £14.99

The Quarto Group Stand: N20
  • Foodie Places	(9780711287327) £14.99
  • Foodie Places	(9780711287327) £14.99
Foodie Places	(9780711287327) £14.99 Foodie Places	(9780711287327) £14.99

A collection of the most delicious, diverse food on the planet and the places and cultures that are inherently linked with it. Much more than a delicious mouthful, a region’s food is a window into its rich history and culture. Foodie Places is a gastronomic tour of 25 destinations around the globe, with each entry accompanied by vivid illustrations and thoroughly researched text. Whether the location boasts authenticity in its offerings or it has evolved a rich food culture over the years, each has a mouthwatering food story to devour. From Southern India, where the vegan dishes have been feeding gods and pilgrims for centuries, to Marseilles in France, the home of bouillabaisse, and from the renowned paella of Valencia, Spain, right through to the varied but distinct foodie landscape of Melbourne, Australia, this book will transport you to the heart of the world's foodie capitals.


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