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18 Jan 2024

Card of the Day Tarot (9780760385630 ) £14.99

  • Card of the Day Tarot (9780760385630	) £14.99
  • Card of the Day Tarot (9780760385630	) £14.99
Card of the Day Tarot (9780760385630	) £14.99 Card of the Day Tarot (9780760385630	) £14.99

In Card of the Day Tarot, Kerry Ward, resident tarot columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine, offers readers a quicker, simpler way to read the cards without losing any of the meaning or impact. Tarot is one of the most popular divination systems in the world, but traditional multi-card spreads can be complicated and time-consuming. Enter the one-card draw or “card of the day”—simple readings in which just one card is pulled and interpreted. Incorporating other popular spiritual practices such as meditation, aromatherapy, crystal work, breathwork, Card of the Day Tarot includes 12 distinct one-card readings to answer a variety of questions and scenarios, including readings for love, career, self-reflection, intuition, and more. It also includes revamped interpretations for all 78 cards, making this an easy reference guide that will work with any tarot deck. Card of the Day Tarot is perfect for readers of all skill levels, from beginners still learning the meanings of the cards to experienced readers looking for an easy way to bring more tarot into their daily lives.


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