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14 Jun 2024

Bottle Stopper Squirrel

  • Bottle Stopper Squirrel
  • Bottle Stopper Squirrel
  • Bottle Stopper Squirrel
Bottle Stopper Squirrel Bottle Stopper Squirrel Bottle Stopper Squirrel

Let a Hand-carved Squirrel Keep Your Drinks Fresh for Longer

With its endearing charm and intricately handcrafted details, the squirrel-adorned bottle stopper is a much-loved table or kitchen detail. Use it to keep your beverages, dressing, oil, or even vinegar fresh. The stopper's shape and size make it suitable for most types of bottles.

The squirrel on the bottle stopper is skillfully hand-painted in environmentally friendly paint and boasts a detailed and lifelike expression. The packaging's design makes it an excellent addition as a gift paired with a fine beverage or oil, effortlessly hanging on the bottleneck.

Clean the bottle stopper with a damp cloth. It is not dishwasher safe.

About the Red Squirrel

The red squirrel is an arboreal rodent that grows to 24-30cm tall and has a bushy tail used to help it balance. It is an intelligent and inventive animal, but sometimes, it forgets where its food–including acorns, nuts, berries, mushrooms, or bird's eggs–is hidden.

Squirrels live alone, but when it's cold outside, they sometimes gather in abandoned bird's nests to keep warm. They are primarily found in Europe and Northern Asia.

Designs by Wildlife Garden

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