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14 Jun 2024

Bottle Opener Mallard

  • Bottle Opener Mallard
  • Bottle Opener Mallard
  • Bottle Opener Mallard
Bottle Opener Mallard Bottle Opener Mallard Bottle Opener Mallard

Playfully Designed Wooden Bird Bottle Opener

This timeless bottle opener boasts a playful design and is skilfully hand-carved in wood. The swimming bird feels comfortable in the hand during use. It also makes a perfect little gift. The stainless steel opener is cleverly recessed on the underside to remain hidden when the bird lays on a table.

About the mallard

Mallards are dabbling ducks that regularly visit parks, beaches and lakes. The male (drake) has a beautiful and distinct shiny green head. Mallards are omnivores and happily accept the bread that people feed them. In the wild, they eat small water creatures from the surface of the water and plants that grow in the water or on land. It is the female that builds the nest. While they usually construct them on the ground close to water, using an abandoned crow's nest up in a tree is not unusual.

Designs by Wildlife Garden

Inspired by nature, our designers and artisans produce beautiful and practical homeware. The bottle openers, shaped like waterfowl, are fun yet functional, bringing a natural flair to the kitchen. The superb artisanship of each opener gives it a unique identity and special appeal.

* Clean your handcrafted bottle opener with a damp cloth.


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