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14 Jun 2024

Bottle Opener Eurasian Coot

  • Bottle Opener Eurasian Coot
  • Bottle Opener Eurasian Coot
  • Bottle Opener Eurasian Coot
Bottle Opener Eurasian Coot Bottle Opener Eurasian Coot Bottle Opener Eurasian Coot

A meticulously hand-carved coot makes for a delightful bottle opener

With its playful design and high quality, this bottle opener is a unique piece of artisanship. The handcrafted wooden bird, shaped like a swimming bird, feels comfortable in the hand during use. As a gift, it's a clever and practical item. The metal opener is seamlessly integrated into the underside and remains hidden when placed on a table.

About the Eurasian coot

The Eurasian coot thrives in nutrient-rich wetlands and inland waters across Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. These birds are sooty black with a rounded, broad body, white bill, and frontal shield. Their large, webbed feet enable them to swim and stand on floating vegetation. They construct their floating nests along the reed beds from last year's reeds. For about the first ten days after hatching, chicks are cared for by both parents. After this period, the male and female separate, and the chicks are split between the parents who only look after their own. Eurasian coots are aggressive and territorial and can even be brutal as parents. If food is scarce, they may peck at their begging chicks until they stop, which can sometimes lead to starvation and death of the young.

Designs by Wildlife Garden

Influenced by nature, our talented team designs and creates playfully nature-inspired and practical pieces for the home. The bottle openers, resembling swimming waterfowl, are amusing and practical, enhancing the kitchen with a touch of the natural world. The expertly crafted items offer a distinctive personality and charm to your home.

* Clean your handcrafted bottle opener with a damp cloth.


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