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05 Dec 2023

Ambit medium black jug

  • Ambit medium black jug
  • Ambit medium black jug
Ambit medium black jug Ambit medium black jug

At just under a quarter of a litre this jug is ideal for multiple uses - as a water jug for one or as a morning serving of fruit juice for two. It is equally good as a jug for milk frothing for cappuccino or latte coffee enthusiasts. A stylish streamlined shape which is comfortable to hold and to pour. The black medium jug is a product with a contemporary look but also one whose clean and classic design will stay looking fresh and original in your kitchen for years to come. A resistant shiny glaze covering the inside and down to the halfway point on the outside. The glaze stops just above the finely hand-drawn line of coloured slip and the unglazed surface below is a tactile matt black. Not having a handle also means the jug will fit easily into a fridge or cupboards. Made from a fine, resistant semi-porcelain it is a tough as well as an elegant product. This jug is available in five colour lines: chalk white for the sophisticated monochrome lover and four bright rainbow colours for the more playfully minded - saffron yellow, rust orange, french blue and parrot green.


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