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11 Dec 2023

Top Drawer reveals the official RetailFest seminar programme for the upcoming SS24 show

Top Drawer reveals the official RetailFest seminar programme for the upcoming SS24 show

Top Drawer, UK Retail’s leading contemporary trade show, is delighted to announce the RetailFest line-up for the SS24 edition, taking place at Olympia London from the 14th-16th January.

RetailFest is a hub for inspiring content and thought-provoking conversations with experts, influencers and inspiring brands within the industry. Visitors will be able to gain practical and actionable tips to give them an unprecedented head start for their business as they head into 2024. This season will see a stellar line-up taking the stage, offering insights and advice on hot topics including branding, influence marketing, sustainable retail, customer experiences and more! 

Check out the full line-up below: 

SUNDAY 14th January 2024 

12.00 PM 

Marketing Expert - Influencer Marketing Mastery: Leveraging Social Influence for Retailers 

Hosted by Sarah Crawley - Good Influence Agency 

Dive into the dynamic world of influencer marketing, where social media influencers play a pivotal role in shaping consumer decisions. Explore the strategies behind successful collaborations, from identifying the right influencers, to creating authentic brand connections. Gain insights into measuring ROI and navigating the evolving landscape of influencer marketing in the retail sphere. 

1:30 PM 

Retail Expert - Passion & Purpose: Stacy Chan's Founder Journey and the Rise of Sustainable Retail 

Hosted by Stacy Chan - Platform Retail 

Join us for an exclusive masterclass with Stacy Chan, Founder of PLATFORM, an independent store in the heart of Central London championing sustainable fashion, accessories, home and art. Step into Stacy’s inspiring journey of entrepreneurship as she shares her unique founder story, exploring the highs, lows, and pivotal moments that shaped her path in fashion.  

This masterclass is not just a glimpse into a founder's story but also an honest look into the intersection of entrepreneurship and sustainable retail, offering practical takeaways for those looking to make a positive impact while growing their business. 

3:00 PM 

Retail Expert - Crafting Customer Delight: The Art of Retail Experience 

Hosted by Louise Daniel, And So To Shop and Anna Woods, Positive Retail 

Immerse yourself in the world of customer-centric retail. Explore proven strategies to create seamless and memorable shopping experiences. From personalised interactions to technological enhancements, discover how prioritising customer satisfaction can drive success. 

MONDAY 15th January 2024 

12:00 PM  

Marketing Expert - Crafting Compelling Marketing Emails for Retail Success 

Hosted by Hannah Spicer - Hannah Spicer Consulting 

Delve into the world of e-marketing and newsletters as we explore strategies for engaging customers through digital channels. Learn the art of crafting compelling newsletters that drive customer engagement, showcase products, and build lasting relationships. This session will cover best practices, innovative approaches, and real-world examples in e-marketing for retail success. 

1:30 PM  

Google Workshop - Decision Making With Data For Your Retail Brand 

Hosted By Google 

Join us for an exclusive session in partnership with Google, where you'll gain essential insights on integrating a social media strategy into your business plan for 2023.This masterclass is designed for retailers and brand owners seeking insights that we can use to optimise our work, and make better decisions. This course will help you understand how to work with different types of data, how to collect, store and ask better questions from the information you have. We’ll also cover techniques to help you explore and better understand your data, and tools that can make this easier.  

3:00 PM  

Brand Consultancy - How Small Businesses can use Big Retailer Brand Strategies 

Hosted by Cara Bendon, Cara Bendon Brand Consultancy

Ever wonder how brands like Apple can release any product and it will be a hit? How do some brands succeed in gaining lifetime loyalty from customers? Or how you can instantly recognise certain brands, even without seeing their logo? 

In this insightful session, Cara will guide you through essential branding lessons for smaller independent brands, drawing inspiration from national and global successes - with tips that (thankfully!) transcend the need for these big brands’ hefty marketing budgets. 

This workshop is perfect for independent brands who want to take things to the next level, going from playing small to becoming a recognised and beloved brand. 

TUESDAY 16TH January 2024 

12:00 PM 

Brand Expert - The Creative Edge: Mastering Brand Aesthetic & Visual Storytelling to connect to your dream customer 

Hosted by Chloe Morris - Freelance Graphic Designer & Art Director 

Join Chloe as she talks you through how to create a brand aesthetic that connects with your dream customer! Explore your creative edge and learn how to put your product on a pedestal and say ‘Look, I’m amazing’ in a gorgeous, compelling way. Understand your dream customer, how you want them to feel and how to create a brand aesthetic that will make them stop, look and fall in love with your product. 

1:30 PM 

Marketing Expert Series - Social Media Mastery for Retail Brands 

Hosted by Kirsty Raper, Rebuildagram and Andie McDowell, Dahlia Beach

Join Kirsty and Andie, RetailFest’s Marketing Experts and reel in the success of the digital realm! In this session, our expert duo will unravel the latest trends shaping social platforms, arming you with the knowledge to seamlessly integrate paid and organic social media strategies. Explore how to amplify your brand's reach and engagement by creating compelling reels, strategically blending organic content efforts with impactful paid initiatives. 

This workshop is perfect for those ready to elevate their 2024 marketing strategy through a dynamic and focused approach to social media. 

3:00 PM

Retail Experts  - The Giftware Association Presents Women in Gifts

Hosted by The Giftware Association

Hear from some of the biggest retailers and industry experts as they discuss current trends and challenges facing the industry.


  • Sara Allbright - Retail 100 Consulting  
  • Sue Marks - Editor of Progressive Gifts 
  • Sarah Ward - CEO of The Giftware Association 
  • Ami Rabheru - Retail Huddle  
  • Clare Harris - Talking Tables  

Once again Top Drawer will bring 3 days of outstanding talks and panels to visitors, alongside over 600 hand-picked brands (with over 30% of them being brand new to the show!) and thousands of product launches - all under one roof.

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