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Welcome to Pretty Bee Fresh, the natural and environmental friendly alternative to plastic and cling film. Wrap your sandwiches, cheese, leftover fruit and veg or cover a bowl with reusable bees wax wraps. The wraps are sustainable, reusable and bio- degradable. Due to the anti-bacterial properties of the beeswax and the resin, food is being kept fresh for longer and prevents mould. All wraps are handcrafted, washable in cold water and reusable up to one year.  They come in various different designs, patterns, colours and sizes.

We only work with the most natural ingredients, hence why we source our beeswax from local suppliers, delivered straight from a nearby beehive to our doorstep in a cardboard box. The wax also has a food grade A, making it completely safe to touch and come in contact with food. Our fabric is 100% pure cotton, sourced from UK suppliers, the jojoba oil we use is 100% organic and our pine resin comes from our London supplier in top quality.

Our Promise to the Planet

In order to respect and live in tune with nature, we need to change the way we treat our planet. Plastic is polluting our oceans, poisoning our marine life and ultimately ourselves. We at Pretty Bee Fresh believe in the importance of giving back to our planet. We work incredibly hard to encourage people to live a more zero-waste lifestyle, using less plastic and looking at alternatives wherever possible. As a business, we try to reduce our own carbon footprint as much as we can and reuse/recycle materials instead of ditching them after first use. We have parented up with Plastic Oceans UK to help promote sustainability and positive change and also work with Trees For Cities, planting a tree for every purchase of our bigger packs



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    02 Jan 2020