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05 Jan 2018

Wholesale Furniture Direct

Wholesale Furniture Direct

Our chosen material is Oak and Elm and where possible we source, dry and use reclaimed Oak and Elm which we then paint – yes unusually we paint Oak on the outside leaving the lovely expensive natural wood for all to see on the inside.

We also manufacture to a customer’s own specification in volume and we have manufactured a number of own brand ranges and products for other Wholesalers.  

We do also work with the bigger Interior Designers on major projects, although our wholesale business model does rely on volume to make the cooperation Commercially Viable.


How We Work...

To purchase from us you will need to prove that you work in the industry and will be deriving income from the sale of our products. As a minimum, we will require a VAT number and Company Registration of your business.

All wholesale enquires are to be made by calling 020 3858 9100 or by email