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10 Jul 2018

Press Release

Press Release



Hirsch & Kirsch make minimalist, contemporary accessories and lifestyle gifts using the best Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather and British hardware. Architectural in shape with a directional use of surface pattern, each piece is debossed in a range of bright, contrasting foils and handcrafted in the label’s Somerset studio.


With over 15 years of design and product development experience in the Fashion and Accessories industry, Christina Charles set up the Hirsch & Kirsch label in 2017, with the aim of uniting traditional British craftsmanship with contemporary design. The label explores a ‘Modern Craft’ aesthetic through pairing minimalist shapes with bold graphic details and contrasting colours to produce visually striking pieces that only get better with age.


Introducing the ‘Terazzo’ collection, our latest deboss print, celebrating the abstract beauty of the Memphis Design Movement.