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Plastic-free soaps and shampoos clean up

Paper Plane Stand: M61
Plastic-free soaps and shampoos clean up
Paper Plane's Lavender & Geranium Solid Shampoo
Join the plastic-free revolution with Paper Plane

Paper Plane are encouraging customers to ditch their plastic shampoo bottles and soap dispensers in favour of their 100% natural, vegan, plastic-free range.

The Rutland-based company offers two solid shampoo bars (lavender and geranium and lavender and tea tree) as well as a rosemary and lime charcoal soap, a patchouli and sandalwood lovers' soap, lemongrass and peppermint travel soap and an incredible orange and rosemary beard shampoo.

Paper Plane owner Laura Harvey says: "We're all aware of the damage plastic is doing to our oceans. That's why the packaging on our soaps and shampoos is completely biodegradable.

"If we all make a small change to our daily lives it can have a huge effect."

The soaps will be on display (they have to be sniffed to be believed) on stand U16 at Top Drawer.