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11 Jan 2024

New Printed Cork Designs

LIGA Stand: E29
New Printed Cork Designs
We’ve got some news about our best selling printed collection…We’ve announced more printed cork designs.

New Printed Cork

We’ve got some news about our best selling printed collection…We’ve announced more printed cork designs. We draw inspiration not only from the picturesque landscapes of our Cornish shores but also extend our creative gaze across the Atlantic to the enchanting U.S. coastline, explored during a recent journey earlier this year. Our commitment to promoting sustainability remains an unwavering and perpetual muse, ensuring that each design resonates with the enduring ethos of eco-conscious living.

12 New Designs

We are introducing a stunning collection of 12 new designs that celebrate the beauty of nature. Our inspiration knows no bounds, as we've curated designs showcasing Cornish animals and expanded our creative horizons during a memorable trip to the United States. In the diverse landscapes of the U.S., we discovered a wealth of inspiration in the form of new species and vibrant colours, enriching our design palette.

From the lush palms and hardy cacti of the U.S. to the resilient fir trees, our new range seamlessly blends these exotic elements with familiar motifs closer to home. Embracing the beauty found in our Cornish shoreline, we've crafted designs featuring seaweed and lobsters. Additionally, our creative exploration has led to the birth of unique designs like honeycomb, seaweed, and sardine placemats and coasters. This harmonious fusion of inspirations from both sides of the Atlantic ensures a diverse and captivating range that captivates the essence of our natural world.

Mix + Match 

Customise your collection by choosing designs that harmonise with both your individual taste and the distinctive personality of your home. Whether you aspire to elevate the charm of your dining table or infuse vibrancy into your coffee table, our latest designs present a myriad of versatile options. Imagine placing these unique creations in every room, imparting a cohesive yet personalised touch throughout your home.

A Touch Of Colour

Embracing the spirit of innovation, we are also introducing new coloured cork placemats and coasters. Showcasing a harmonious blend of contemporary hues that are set to make a statement in home decor. From vibrant and energetic tones that exude warmth with our sky blue and pink hues to more serene and calming shades like sage, and clay that evoke a sense of tranquillity, our collection seamlessly weaves together these Pantone-inspired colours to elevate your dining experience. Each placemat and coaster is a canvas of modern design, bringing a touch of sophistication and style to your table settings. Explore the fusion of functionality and aesthetics as we invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of colour, where every piece tells a unique story of trendsetting elegance for your home.

Purchase your natural printed cork placemats and coasters today for a step toward making your house a more natural and sustainable home.