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11 Jan 2024

New Ocean Plastic Coasters

LIGA Stand: E29
New Ocean Plastic Coasters
Collaborative Solutions : Take, Make, Re-Using Ocean Plastic

Many of us love a beach walk - stomping across the sand, breathing in the fresh air, listening to the sound of the waves - it's rejuvenating and invigorating, whatever the weather. But there’s a problem of which we can’t avoid any longer - and that is plastic in our ocean.


The Problem : Microplastics

In a landfill environment it is estimated to take approx 500 years for plastics to break down. Unfortunately wild sea plastic breaks down within years as the natural sea forces rapidly break them down into smaller and smaller pieces, but never fully decomposing. 

Why Should We Care? Because We Are Eating It Too.

Indulging in seafood may unwittingly introduce microplastics into your diet, as these minuscule particles, smaller than the span of your hand, infiltrate the bodies of fish, sea creatures, and birds. Once ingested, plastic undergoes further degradation, breaking down into even tinier nano plastics, some of which elude the naked eye. Consuming contaminated fish allows these nano plastics to infiltrate our own bodies, and the long-term health implications of this phenomenon are still under intensive scientific scrutiny.

In our commitment to addressing this environmental crisis, we've actively supported numerous ocean-focused campaigns and marine research initiatives by contributing to Sea Changers. Through these collaborations, alongside dedicated scientists and volunteers, Behaviour Change Cornwall devised an innovative solution. By collecting vast amounts of plastic waste from our oceans and beaches, we're now transforming them into stylish and functional homeware products. This not only aids in waste reduction but also contributes to the ongoing efforts to combat plastic pollution in our seas.


Collaborative Solutions : Take, Make, Re-Use

Addressing the pervasive issue of ocean plastic demands more than just recycling efforts on land; it necessitates confronting the challenge head-on. There are no shortcuts or easy fixes—we must roll up our sleeves and embark on the gritty task of retrieving the plastics we've allowed to infiltrate the sea. The initiative led by Behaviour Change Cornwall is committed to extracting hundreds of tons of plastic from harm's way, repurposing it into practical, awareness-raising products like coasters, providing a tangible solution to this environmental crisis.

Our Ocean plastic coasters, crafted entirely from reclaimed ocean waste and sea salt, boast a distinctive appearance that goes beyond what virgin plastic can achieve. The inclusion of sea salt not only aids in the material's fusion but also lends a unique aesthetic. Our inaugural collection features a sea blue colour derived from discarded fishing crates, nets, water bottle tops, buckets, and spades—infused with a touch of sea salt.

In addition to supporting innovative projects like ours, it remains crucial to rally behind charities actively combating the ocean plastic problem. Organisations such as Sea Changers play a pivotal role, and by signing petitions (insert link), you contribute in small yet meaningful ways to initiate the shift toward a cleaner, healthier ocean.