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New Addition to The Collection Gin No.19 - Lemon, Willow and Vetiver

Gin In A Tin Stand: FEM02
New Addition to The Collection Gin No.19 - Lemon, Willow and Vetiver

Introducing Gin In A Tin London Dry Gin No.19.

A delightful addition to our collection, proudly housed inside an elegant peach-coloured tin with willow green text, which further expands The United Colours of Juniper range. This premium gin is a celebration of refreshing flavours, crafted with a harmonious blend of lemon, willow, and vetiver botanicals. Its vibrant colours and premium packaging reflect the quality and elegance that lies within.

The gin takes you on a sensory journey with its bright and zesty notes of lemon, infusing a burst of citrusy freshness into every sip. The willow botanicals contribute a subtle, yet distinctive, earthy undertone, creating a balanced and refined profile. To add a touch of intrigue, the vetiver botanical lends a slightly smoky and aromatic character, providing depth and complexity to the gin's overall taste. 

Crafted with precision and passion, Gin No.19 is a testament to the art of gin-making, carefully marrying the finest botanicals to create a symphony of flavours. Its smooth and sophisticated taste profile makes it an ideal choice for both gin connoisseurs and newcomers alike. It is an exquisite gift for gin enthusiasts and a captivating addition to any gin collection. 

Serving Suggestion:

Garnish with slivers of fresh ginger.

Gin No.19 offers an exceptional drinking experience, whether savoured neat over ice to appreciate its nuanced flavours or as a star ingredient in your favourite gin cocktail, complemented by Double Dutch Indian tonic water.

This is truly a gin that epitomises the art of botanical craftsmanship.