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New For 2024 - The Perfect Measure

Gin In A Tin Stand: FEM02
New For 2024 - The Perfect Measure

New for 2024! Embracing the tradition of measuring the perfect amount of gin to craft an ideal serve, this distinct London Dry Gin embodies a fusion of botanicals, including beetroot, Grannie Smith apple, and dill all centred around the refreshing taste of juniper berries. This must-have for any gin serves as the quintessential element for crafting classic cocktails like the timeless G&T, vibrant Bloody Mary, or a refined gin martini. Not only does this gin tantalise the taste buds, but it’s also encased in an illustrated tin boasting warm cream and soft pink hues, adorned with a tape measure - a standout addition to any collection.


Serving Suggestion:

Gin In A Tin would recommend serving this spirit in a classic G&T. Combine this unique London Dry Gin with premium tonic water and garnishing with crisp apple slices. Or, for a lively twist, indulge in a zesty Bloody Mary by adding a splash of tomato juice, a dash of hot sauce, and a celery stick.


Tasting Notes:

With each sip, you will be able to enjoy the dynamic fusion of beetroot, Grannie Smith apple, and dill. The palate unfolds, starting with the earthy richness of beetroot, transitioning to the crisp sweetness of apple, all while the herbal notes of dill create a nuanced tapestry.