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New For 2024 - The Lobster Tin

Gin In A Tin Stand: FEM02
New For 2024 - The Lobster Tin

Introducing the Lobster Tin New for 2024.

A tribute to the sea that effortlessly elevates a medley of maritime-inspired culinary creations. Created with the ocean in mind, this exquisite gin, boasts unmistakable flavours of samphire, angelica, and coriander, harmoniously blended with a selection of botanicals centred around juniper berries. The intricate fusion of citrus, coriander, and samphire creates a profile that impeccably complements a variety of fish dishes and goes exceptionally well in a classic G&T. Not to mention, this tin is beautifully illustrated with a mighty fine lobster on an eye-catching sea blue tin. 


Tasting notes:

As you bring this gin to your nose, bold and vibrant green notes mingle with subtle hints of citrus. The botanical symphony, led by juniper and coriander, unfolds into a citrus-infused body. Refreshing nuances of samphire follow, accompanied by a gentle touch of salt that will delicately tantalise the taste buds.


Serving Suggestion:

Beyond being the perfect companion for a fish supper, our samphire gin transforms into a delightful G&T. For a modern twist, consider pairing it with Luscombe's succulent pink grapefruit tonic water to accentuate the subtle citrus notes. Complete the experience with a garnish of a pink grapefruit slice or a sprig of samphire. For a daring touch, add a pinch of salt, and you're all set for a unique and flavorful gin cocktail experience.