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06 Aug 2018

Metalmorphose from Oli Olsen

Metalmorphose from Oli Olsen

Metalmorphose is a Hong Kong based design studio who create luxury 3D keyrings and bag charms made from the highest quality materials. Each charm goes through a rigorous design process to ensure that each piece is finished with great precision, perfect design and durable enough to carry your keys around.

Their collection of keyrings include fun shaped objects such as pineapples, cactus, headphones, ducks and even sporting materials. Each piece is made with metal die casting and some are finished with high quality resin to create colour.

Their bag charms are a great accessory that looks good but at an affordable price. Each of their charms have a super soft pom pom and clipping device to help you attach to your favourite bag. Designs include angels, unicorns, cloud and even bunnies.

Check out our website for the full collection of this amazing brand.