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17 Dec 2023

Launching the new Pop-up Frame Poster

Pop-Up Frames Stand: B22
Launching the new Pop-up Frame Poster
Large format prints and posters up to 92cm
Self assembled A3, A2 and A1 picture frames...and 25 other sizes!

The Poster Pop-up Frames are fundamentally the same principle as the Small Pop-up Frame kits and you still just need a pair of scissors to assemble. The extra element and simple solution to the large format issues is an 'x-brace'. Each kit comes with 13 flatpacked x-braces made from FSC certified greyboard which gives the rather long packaging (100 x 17 x 0.7cm) more rigidity and are simply popped-out, assembled and slid in to the hollow box frame. The result is a remarkably robust and lightweight picture frame for almost any size of poster, print or canvas. 

The pack size also means that online poster/print retailers can use triangular postal tubes to send both posters and frames. Game-changer?

Come see a demo at the show.