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01 Jan 2024

Inviting the Royal Family into your Home with Victoria Eggs' Newest Collection

Victoria Eggs Stand: G45
Inviting the Royal Family into your Home with Victoria Eggs' Newest Collection

Inviting the Royal Family into your Home with Victoria Eggs' Newest Collection 

British designer Victoria Eggs has designed a collection that brings the Royal Family into your home, following the success of the best selling Platinum Jubilee, Commemorative and Coronation collections! 

Our newest collection, launching at Top Drawer in January 2024, focuses on the beauty and elegance that surrounds the Royal Family. The intricately hand-drawn design gazes upon the grounds of Buckingham Palace, as the family go about their daily lives. The fairytale tree represents the unique characteristics of each member.  

The oak trees (a symbol of stability and longevity) are emblazoned with details unique to the personalities and interests of the Royal Family, creating a regal Easter Egg hunt across its strokes. 

These include;

  • King Charles III's environmental work and support for the arts, 

  • Queen Camilla’s love of books, gardening, her favourite flowers and beloved dogs,

  • William, Prince of Wales's passion for football and polo, 

  • Catherine, Princess of Wales's love for photography, tennis and hockey,

  • Prince George carrying a picnic basket showing his love of cooking

  • Princess Charlotte’s ballet slippers 

  • Prince Louis' love of gardening. 

The design also includes the National Flowers of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; the rose, leek, thistle and shamrock.

This highly anticipated design serves as a reminder of everything you love about the British Royal Family. Printed in traditional greens with gold detail, it is perfect for adding a touch of regal charm to your home all year round. This brand new collection includes a tea towel, canvas bag, mug, bauble, magnet and postcard! Prices start from £3.50.

Victoria's products are designed with timelessness, longevity, and quality in mind, creating sentimental family keepsakes to be cherished.


Victoria Eggs homeware is born from Great-British moments; the nostalgic whiff of salt and vinegar-y chips at the seaside, quirky colloquialisms, our Royal family, London. We’re as British as the cuppa.  

All our products are hand-illustrated by Victoria, and lovingly made in the UK. Our mugs are hand-crafted and decorated in Staffordshire, using traditionally mined Cornish Clay. Our textiles come from Lincolnshire, printed with water-based ink which has virtually no impact on the environment.   

“All my designs are snapshots of special moments in time we wish to cherish forever and gifts to those we love most.”

From heart to home.