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Handmade Wooden Boxes—A Series of Genuine Craft Pieces

Wildlife Garden AB Stand: B05
Handmade Wooden Boxes—A Series of Genuine Craft Pieces
Handmade Wooden Boxes

Wildlife Garden’s new wooden box collection is perfect for storing jewellery, keys, small stationery, and other miscellaneous items. The design is ornamental but with a low-key expression that brings a natural decorative element displayed on a bookshelf, desk, or bedside table.

Wildlife Garden’s close attention to detail and focus on quality ensures that each piece ages beautifully. The boxes’ hand-carved exterior creates a beautiful surface texture that amplifies the natural feel of the material.

Skilled artisans craft the boxes entirely from wood using a method inspired by traditional shrink pots. This approach utilises the wood’s natural contraction during the drying process. Notably, they join the box’s components without using nails or screws to accommodate the wood’s natural flexibility under varying humidity conditions.

The series includes four boxes in different sizes and colours, each adorned with a wood-carved animal on its lid that serves as a knob: frog, snail, squirrel, and mallard.

The Wooden Box Squirrel costs €49.50 and measures L: 110 W: 110 H: 94mm. The Wooden Box Frog costs €49.50 and measures L: 130 W: 130 H: 85mm. The Wooden Box Snail costs €65 and measures L: 150 W: 150 H: 85mm. The Wooden Box Mallard costs €65 and measures L:121 W: 191 H: 85mm.