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28 May 2019

Ceramic production in Stoke is alive and well - Repeat Repeat

Repeat Repeat Stand: I59

Ceramic production in Stoke is alive and well - Repeat Repeat
Ceramic designers Repeat Repeat are proud to still be making contemporary bone china in Stoke-on-Trent despite the steady decline in the local manufacturing.
Stoke-on-Trent is synonymous with ceramics. The area known as The Potteries has for generations produced ceramics famous throughout the world. The downturn in British manufacturing has hit the area hard with factories standing empty and production moved overseas.
The big firms may be gone but there is still a demand for British made, well-designed quality ceramics.
Tucked away in the shadows of the former bustling factories smaller artisan designer-makers are breathing life back into the area and maintaining the traditional skills and techniques which otherwise would be lost.
Here at Repeat Repeat we have always had an emphasis on utilising local skills to make our bone china. Design and producing quality bone china is the life blood of our business and we are passionate about making in Stoke. The business is thriving. Despite the influx of cheaper imported ceramics, awareness of the value of supporting British manufacturers is growing. Provenance of products is becoming more and more important.
Gillian Naylor - Designer and Co-Founder of Repeat Repeat:
“It all starts with a simple lump of clay….but from that point on making quality bone china is far from simple! We recently shot a small video of the manufacturing processes and the reaction from customers was a real eye—opener for us. They hadn’t realised exactly how much skill, time and effort that goes into making our ceramics. It’s a labour of love for us and that’s why bone china has been our life for over 30 years. We are still passionate about continuing to make ceramics here in Stoke. Clay - It’s in our blood!”
Our signature collection of Classic White mugs and tableware has grown popularity year on year. The range is characterised by tactile patterns raised or embossed within the pure white china. We have designed wide variety of shapes ranging from espresso cups to extra large mugs which can all effortlessly mix and match together.
The latest addition to this range is a new shape called Quinto, named after the smallest Cuban Conga drum which from which it was inspired.
We are hoping the Quinto Range ‘drums up’ more support for Repeat Repeat and help fly the flag for British manufacturing and The Potteries!
We have a very short video outlining our making processes on our website homepage:
A longer video with dialogue:


A longer video with dialogue: