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Brand new gifts from eatsleepdoodle!

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Brand new gifts from eatsleepdoodle!
Exciting new gifts from eatsleepdoodle!

World Map; Animals & Sea Life placemat ‘to go’ with wash-out pens

Discover our bestselling world map colour in design – now as a placemat to go!

Kids can learn about our wonderful world and its amazing creatures with our colour-in-map placemat which includes a set of washable felt tip pens for children to enjoy colouring, learning, and screen-free fun! Features a map of the world on one side and fascinating animals and sea creatures to colour in & learn about on the other! There’s even a notepad for kids to write their own discovery notes about the wildlife they spot!

Comes with a set of ten colourful wash-out pens and all in a mini cotton tote bag that’s ideal for taking out for meals or day trips.

All the ink disappears after a warm machine wash leaving the placemat ready for more colouring in adventures – it’s a super fun, creative, practical, and sustainable gift for children!


For Spring 2023 -

London placemat ‘to go’ with wash-out pens

Kids can colour-in and explore the wonderful city of London with this brand-new double-sided placemat to go and set of 10 wash-out fabric pens. Follow the River Thames, colour in London’s iconic red buses and black taxis, discover historic buildings like St Paul’s Cathedral and the British Library and learn about important monuments like Trafalgar’s Square, Nelson’s column and so much more! On the other side, kids will have fun colouring a quaint and lovely London street scene with cobbled streets, telephone boxes, post boxes, high tea and more! There’s even a notepad for them to write notes on their discoveries!

When ready for a new adventure, simply pop the placemat in the machine (you can even wash it with your whites!), the ink will completely disappear, and it’s ready for another adventure around the city!

World Map; Animals & Sea Life Placemat ‘to go’ - £15.95

London Placemat ‘to go’ - £15.95

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