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21 Dec 2022


Marresa Ltd Stand: J58

Totally Arts & Crafts. That’s what BOX CANDIY is about. Why? Because it is important to inspire kids to use their own creativity more and reduce screen time. We have created a wide variety of designs, and many new fresh projects that kids will love. Each box has a positive inspirational quote inside. We want kids to be positive, inspired, and proud of what they make.
The projects are packaged in beautiful boxes and every box tells a story. We have printed the product information on a removable sleeve. This way you can keep and collect our boxes or use them as a nice gift. No need to throw away the packaging!BOX CANDIY is like eating candy, once you start you want more.

Visit our website today to explore the whole range of Gusto and more!

To contact directly, info@marresa or +44 (0) 1332 987097 

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