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15 Dec 2022

Corporate Commissions & Licensing

Katherine Jones Stand: CRJ02

I’m an award-winning architect and artist based in Cardiff. My work connects people to the places they love. Drawing on 12 years of architecture experience, my detailed pen and ink commissions are made up of intricate line work that creates an unusual and rich tapestry of patterns. These original drawings make a special, one-off piece of art, but I can also use them to create affordable digital prints and cards for your gift shop or clients.

I take commissions for drawings of buildings, landscapes and wildlife. Each of my pieces consider the wider picture, but I also love the smaller detail. So you’ll see layers of lines and textures, as well as attention to the tiny features that are often overlooked. From wedding venues, to museums and cityscapes to historical houses, I seek out the hidden details and reinterpret them to create stylish, meaningful prints.

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