• Pear shape Smoky Quartz and Silver ring

    08 Apr 2018 The Nine of Hearts
    Smoky Quartz is a grounding gemstone in an uplifting kind of way. The stone provides a subtle energy of protection and balance. This is a stunning stone with hues of grey and brown throughout dependan ...
  • Rude Christmas Cards

    14 Jan 2018 Punk Cards
    Rude and funny Christmas cards.
  • The Dotted collection

    01 May 2018 Hex and Ginger
    We are mad for dots, our collection comes in 100gsm lined or dot grid paper. With a choice of colours, and in a mixed cotton fabric cover, writing everything down has never looked so stylish.
  • Bring a touch of class to your bathroom with these simple yet stylish hammered effect copper, silver or gold plated light pulls. Sold individually and available in three metallic colours. Light Pulls ...
  • Oval Labradorite and Silver Ring

    08 Apr 2018 The Nine of Hearts
    and being excellent for awakening one's own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities. This gorgeous cabochon cut stone changes from a stunning aquamarine colour to green and yellow d ...
  • R1069

    14 Jan 2018 Yaron Morhaim
    Silver and gold ring set with Amethyst
  • Sweet Infinity Collection

    02 Apr 2018 SENIN
    Each piece is handmade using sterling silver, inlaid with a shimmer of handcut mother of pearl
  • LUNA Eclipse Petit Earrings

    08 Feb 2018 S Ä G E N
    Sägen Contemporary. Modern. elegant earrings with dark character. Ready-to-wear Scandinavian jewelry design. This piece of jewelry goes with everything. LUNA is Latin for moon. The collection is inspi ...
  • Noisy Nuts Bacon Jalapeno

    04 May 2018 Noisy Snacks Ltd
    Noisy Nuts Bacon Jalapeno Pair with Porter. Bacon Jalapeño is smokey and gives a great mouth feel heat as you eat them. They pair prefectly with a porter beer elevating the aromas in the beer.
  • Gold Q Hoops

    11 Jul 2018 Amai Jewellery
    Handcrafted Q Hoop Earrings. Available in Sterling Silver (£90.00) and 18k Gold Vermeil (£125.00). All pieces are plated with 2 micron thickness to ensure a thicker plating and longer lasting. Measure ...
  • Our gift bags are known for their quality, value and design content. They all have an added ‘COR’ appearance as each one is finished with either foil or spot varnish, ribbon handles and a tag. For TOp ...
  • Moon Charm Hoops

    16 Jul 2018 Amai Jewellery
    Handcrafted Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Detachable Moon Charm. The charm is first carved from wax by hand, and then cast in precious metals. From start to finish the whole process takes 3 weeks ...
  • - A simple design which gives a new take on the calendar. - Pin reminders, business cards etc onto the cork topper. - The perfect size for singles and couples. - Includes 3 push pins. - Refill pages a ...
  • Salted Caramel Latte Aroma Candle

    14 Jan 2018 Café Noir London
    Smooth milky coffee combined with rich salted toffee caramel supported by creamy vanilla and sprinkles of coconut top notes combined with a velvety cream coffee base
  • This lovely porcelain vase has been slipcast by hand then fired and glazed before designer Laura Pearcey applied her whimsicle illustrations, Here it is a very contented pussy cat and a slightly worri ...
  • MightySmall

    01 Mar 2018 K-Play International Ltd
    Molly & Marv will charm your socks off and happily deliver the medicine that will get you back to your super-duper best!
  • Paddywax Sonora Collection

    Desert vibes abound in this new collection inspired by the American West. These rough concrete vessels are etched and painted by hand in five colours. Each candle is filled with an airy fragrance and ...
  • Red reindeer pyjama

    10 Aug 2018 Jim Jamz
    Red soft reindeer print pyjamas are made of 100% cotton and packaged in a glass jar. Available in sizes 0-7 years.
  • Tea bag, good morning sunshine

    13 Aug 2018 Kesemy Design
    Start the day with a smile on your face; this sweet little ceramic tea bag is meant to bring in a little sunshine. You can hang it on the wall or display it in your favorite spot. This slip casted pie ...
  • Magnificent Dahlias

    01 Mar 2018 Parlane International
    Our flower of the season is the magnificent dahlia. Available in three spicy tones to help add a pop of joyful colour to autumn/winter displays. A single stem in a vase looks remarkably effective or m ...
  • Octagon One Desk Lamp - Ash

    01 Mar 2018 Gingko Electronics Ltd
    The Octagon One desk lamp combines the best of simple and natural wood-effect finishes to achieve its modern industrial aesthetic. The focal point of the design is a beautifully shaped Octagon wood fi ...

    09 Sep 2018 LISE LONDON LTD.
    LIFESTYLE LUXURY PERFUMES & NATURAL SCENTED CANDLES in complete harmony with their reminiscent titles. A world première for fine perfumery.
  • New Mailer for Top Drawer

    13 Jan 2018 Coulson Macleod
    Featuring a range of new products.
  • Giant Panda - Velvet Cushion

    01 Jan 2018 Charlotte Jade
    Giant Panda captures the charming nature of this endangered species. The pattern is quirky and fun, and celebrates the beauty of the giant panda, ideal for that stand out wall. PRICE: £75 (45CM X 45CM ...
  • Blossom range rainbow bright blue

    15 Jul 2018 Silk And Shine
    Whether worn as a scarf or a cape, this luxury mulberry silk scarf is perfect to add a pop of colours to any outfit.
  • Fox with Black Crown Greeting Card

    01 Jul 2018 Michael Gurhy
    This Illustration is by East London based artist Michael Gurhy. A6 in size, these greeting cards serve as a unique and quirky accompaniment to any gift. They are printed in the UK on recycled paper an ...
  • BERSÅ Skog Ring

    01 Feb 2018 S Ä G E N
    Elegant silver ring with the most famous green leaf around- Berså by Gustavsberg porcelain. Upcycled silver and porcelain handcrafted into fine eco luxury jewelry.
  • Ladenac Urban Senses Range

    A young fresh scented range to appeal to the younger person. A beautiful range of 6 pieces in cool reflective jars with Diffusers to match.
  • December Study greetings card

    14 Jan 2018 Brie Harrison Ltd
    A6 size, blank inside on 100% recycled paper & envelope, printed in England
  • Wolf in Blue Shorts Greeting Card

    01 Jul 2018 Michael Gurhy
    This Illustration is by East London based artist Michael Gurhy. A6 in size, these greeting cards serve as a unique and quirky accompaniment to any gift. They are printed in the UK on recycled paper an ...
  • Feminine Product Storage

    09 Sep 2018 Made by Shannon
    Made by Shannon has created a range of fun & practical zip pouches to store feminine hygiene products. We want to help break through the embarrassment & taboo surrounding menstruation in a light heart ...
  • Inspired By Signet Ring | 18K Gold | Sapphires

    09 Sep 2018 Rusty's Jewellery
    Every component of this ring is handmade from scratch. Textures are from the process of forging with a vintage anvil and hammer, no tool has touched during the forming bar the above. Hallmarked solid ...
  • Our cream ceramic mortice door knobs are sold as a pair and feature a classic crackled effect and comes with an antique brass base. Sets an aged vintage look to any internal room door. Beautifully mad ...
  • Edge Light Alarm Clock

    01 Sep 2018 Gingko Electronics Ltd
    Inspired from the cutting edge of bamboo, the brand new Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock is very unique and a must-have edgy design. It's a smart and stylish space saving way to have a clock and a light ...
  • HHLondon Bags

    01 Sep 2018 HH London
    Beautiful, unique cowhide bags together with luxury leather bags. Weekend, messenger and tote