Rainbow Light Pull

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  • Rainbow Light Pull
  • Rainbow Light Pull
Rainbow Light Pull Rainbow Light Pull Rainbow Light Pull

I love a rainbow! I can't help it, there's something about the colours of the spectrum arranged in wave length order that I find pleasing. I've been thinking of making these light pulls for a while but couldn't find a Collection to put them in. Who needs a Collection? Here they are looking gorgeous anyway!

These could be light pulls, equally well they work for fans and blinds too! Each one is handmade using a range of shades to create a rainbow for your home. The Rainbow Light Pulls are all frosted to a matte finish which allows the colours of the glass to 'glow'. I've made two rainbow options, each with 6 different bands of colour, choose from:

Red - with the red band at the widest point, yellow at the bottom and purple at the top 

Purple - with the purple band at the widest point, green at the bottom and red at the top

My standard rainbow light pulls are approximately 4.5cm high, I make each one individually so there is some variation, that's the joy of handmade! I have had a few requests for larger light pulls so I have started to make a larger version which is 5.5-6cm high too. For reference, those are the standard size in my hand in the images.

For all sizes the hole at the top is approximately 3.5mm in diameter with a larger diameter hole at the bottom to hide the knot in your pull cord.

Light pulls are packaged on a plastic free, recyclable card and do not include a cord.


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