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How to create rockstar images for social media


by Jeanette Lendon

In today’s digital age, your brand needs to stand out above the rest, not only on your website and blog posts but on your social media too.  You need people to stop and look, not just swipe on by. 

Eye catching imagery is essential in getting people’s attention, especially on platforms such as Instagram.  You want your photos to be unique to you and your brand, but this can be costly, both in time and monetary value. 

Don’t panic.  With today’s smartphones, the camera capability is such that major advertising campaigns are being shot on th
em (remember Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ billboard campaign?).  Good quality photography is now more accessible than it has ever been. 

Jeanette Lendon

Shot by Jennifer Bin on an Apple iPhone 7,‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign

So, how can you make your photos pass the ‘swipe test’?  Follow these simple rules to help you out.

1. Turn your grid lines on your camera.  This will ensure that you don’t have wonky images (especially good for horizons).

2. Make use of the autofocus and focus feature on the phone. 

3. Avoid putting your subject in the middle of the frame to make it more interesting.  Adopt the ‘Rule of Thirds’ rule.

JL 3

4. Before pressing the button, make sure you have looked at the whole picture.  Can you move anything?  Can you move to get a better angle? 

5. Look for the light - this includes shadows. 

6. Don’t use the built in flash - try and get it as natural as possible.  If necessary, use external lights. 

7. Edit, edit and edit your photos before you post them.

8. Keep to one consistent filter/look - this must reflect your branding across all platforms.

9. Tell a story.  Sell a lifestyle, not just your product. 

10. Make your photos exciting, eye-catching and relevant.  Why would people want to stop and read your post?

Whether you are an independent retailer, a large chain, or a big corporate company, your message needs to be loud and clear - and visually stunning.   Don’t be tempted to do the hard sell.  Plant the idea - sell the lifestyle, tell a story, make people want to know more. 

If, however, you are wanting to launch a product or host an event you may want to engage someone in an Instagram ‘Takeover’.  This leaves you free to do what you do best, knowing that your message is instantly getting out there and to the right people. 


Jeanette LendonJeanette Lendon is a fashion, corporate and commercial photographer based in Hertfordshire.  As well as her corporate work, she also runs Smartphoneography workshops, showing you how to compose, take and edit images, all on your Smartphone.  She also undertakes Instagram Takeovers for your brand.  To find out when Jeanette’s next workshops are running. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

All photos, unless otherwise stated, were taken by Jeanette Lendon using an iPhone 7.

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