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A stroll through Clerkenwell Design Week


Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

Every year designers from the UK and Europe descend on North London's streets and design studios to check out the latest trends. We had look.

Lozi LampLozi Lamp 2LOZI DESIGNS

We spotted these wooden lamps made by Lozi Designs . Lozi uses a unique combination of digital manufacturing and traditional woodworking methods to create elegantly minimal designs full of personality .The East London based studio and shop has earned critical acclaim with pieces featuring in The Sunday Times and The Metro as well as a customer base spanning Europe and the US. 



BuzziSpace is a Belgian office design studio pushing the boundaries of modern office concepts. During Clerkenwell Design Week they captured many visitors with BuzziJungle, an interactive concept designed by Jonas Van Put, an emerging young talent from Belgium. In their own words: "Inspired by nature, the vertical structure offers an elevated alternative to the traditional boardroom. BuzziJungle challenges the traditional confines of the workplace, reflecting the brand’s progressive vision for the social office. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the piece—and one another. Climb to the top for a bird’s-eye view, lounge for a moment of relaxation, or meet with fellow design enthusiasts in this elevated work-lounge space." We'd love to have this in our own office!

Catellani and Smith 1Catellani and Smith2 CATELLANI & SMITH

Founded in 1989 by the artist Enzo Catellani, the Catellani & Smith company has always been able to distinguish itself through its desire to develop lights that are both aesthetically and technologically innovative. Made entirely by hand, Catellani & Smith's lights are not only unique but enchanting in their use of bronze colour and light. A real star at CDW!

9191Josh Ino Design


The designer collective Trouping Colour had some intriguing stools on display, including co-founder Gigi Barker's stools hand-carved from entire tree trunks (top). the collection explores natural and unnatural marks in the material surface. The finger print sized indent into the sides of the trunks juxtaposes with the natural cracks and gnarled knots of the wood. The second set of stools have something really alien about them. "Cloud Envy" by Burton-on-Trent based Josh Ino contains a variety of materials including foam and fabrib to make surprisingly comfortable and flexible seats.

Di Classe 1Di Classe 2DI CLASSE

Bring a bit of magical forest into your house with Di Classe's pendant lamps which are made from steel, glass and Japanes air-clean paper. In case you wondered what this means, here is Di Classe's explanation: 'Air clean paper' is a material which cleans the air like natural plants do. Similar to Photosynthesis, this chemical reaction is called 'Photocatalyst' and it is activated by weak ultraviolet rays from fluorescent light bulbs. Photocatalytic reactions are used to help nature as it cleans and purifies the environment using light as energy. So, yes, it literally is like bringing the forest into your house. Magic.

Michael NorthcroftMichael Northcroft 2 MICHAEL NORTHCROFT

Luxury furniture maker Michael Northcroft showed off some craftsmanship during the show. The Serafina cabinet is hand-made to order like everything in the Northcroft collection. 


Emma Shipley 1Emma Shipley at CDWEMMA SHIPLEY

Young graphic artist Emma Shipley launched her label at the 2012 London Fashion Show with a series of scarves. Her transcendental designs take us into a colourful and idiosyncratic world of mythical creatures and fairy tales - a real inspiration that got many people in Clerkenwell to stop and admire.

Jonathan Field 1Jonathan Field 2JOnathan Field 3 JONATHAN FIELD

Another East London furniture designer, although Jonathan Field actually grew up at the East Yorkshire coast where he draws most of his inspiration from "with its sparse horizontal lines of dykes and wind blasted trees, textured landscape and big expanses of sky". 

Curiousa chandelierCURIOUSA & CURIOUSA

Curiousa & Curiousa design and manufacture hand-blown glass lighting from their Derbyshire workshop and have a showroom in Islington, London. The brand was launched in 2010 by Esther Patterson. This bright-coloured chandelier really caught our eye.


You can always trust NORR11 to come up with iconic Scandi design. The Mammoth Sofa doesn't disappoint. Designed by Rune Krøjgaard and Knut Bendik Humlevik it is based on curves and shape of the already iconic Mammoth Chair. The frame is hand-crafted with a solid oak wood frame.


Something a bit more artisan. Alhambra Tiles collaborated with artist Supermundane to create a. unique tessallating pattern on an encaustic tile. The tiles can be combined in many different ways to form a number of patterns. Most of Alhambra's tiles are hand-painted in Spain, although they also do a collection of digitally printed tiles.


Seattle-based Light Art have landed in the UK with their first exhibition in this country. These table lamps are made to order and feature colourful textiles encased in resin. Each piece is handmade in Seattle using a modular fabrication process to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.


Lego artist David Hughes produces most of his pieces on commission. The idea of spending late nights building Lego art seemed an attractive idea - particularly to a lot of. male visitors, many of whom seemed to be indulging in detailed technical conversations with the artist. David's colourful wall pieces bring the playfulness of childhood to contemporary subjects creating in visually dynamic pieces of modern art.


Hand & Eye only has a small collection of architectural inspired lighting, but it is steadily growing and planning to branch out to other product categories. Founder Thomas Housden describes their philosophy:  "We look to make designs that are simple in form but have a warmth and beauty that comes from the attention to detail. This is not to say that each product is identical or precise. We work with imprecise materials and production methods and we celebrate the small imperfections."

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