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Sunshine Lane

Stand: B35
Sunshine Lane

Everything at Sunshine Lane is created by Emma Fox - an illustrator based in Shropshire, England. 

Before Sunshine Lane I was running on empty, dealing with chronic health issues, and had discovered I was autistic. Life was more about surviving than living, which opened my eyes to the true importance of self-care. I realised that it isn't a luxury as it's often presented; it's an absolute necessity for a happy and healthy life. And I was inspired to bring this message to people's everyday lives.

Now, I'm all about crafting stationery and gifts that'll sprinkle some self-care and a whole lot of joy into your everyday life.


12 Woodhouse Lane
United Kingdom

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  • This decorative paper tape features pink and purple patterned pants hung on the washing line, as well as reminders to ‘pop on your positive pants’.
  • Make your day a little brighter with the Pocket of Joy Postcard!
  • This print embodies the idea of body positivity and confidence in your own skin.
  • Pop on your Positive Pants and get ready to spread some joy.
  • This mini print showcases simple instructions for a powerful breathing technique, promoting relaxation. 
  • This pocket mirror features a gorgeous reminder that the person you see in the mirror today is so far from where you once were.
  • This compact mirror features a reminder that we're our most beautiful self when we embrace who we are and the unique qualities that make us special.
  • Get organised and seize the day!
  • Get a dose of self-love with our positive affirmation stickers! 
  • Packed with 14 uplifting quote stickers in shades of pink, lilac and blue, this sheet can form part of your toolkit against negative thoughts. 
  • This sticker sheet includes 41 positive words and phrases that are perfect for adding encouragement and happiness into your life.
  • Focus on your wellbeing with these cute note to self stickers. Inside each envelope is a reminder to prioritise yourself and take care of your mind and body. 
  • Introducing our Star Breathing Sticker Sheet featuring a helpful breathing exercise for moments of stress and anxiety. 
  • With the Beside the Bed Worry Pad you can capture all your thoughts and ideas and sleep soundly, knowing they’re safely recorded. 
  • Let your thoughts flow freely onto the pages of this notepad, providing a safe haven for all your ideas, dreams, and plans. At the bottom of each page, you'll find a dedicated section to prioritise yo ...
  • This notepad is your secret weapon for challenging pesky negative thoughts. With dedicated sections to list evidence for and against each thought, you'll gain a fresh perspective on life's challenges. ...
  • Make sure you never lose track of your tasks with this beautiful to do list pad. And with a reminder to prioritise your own needs, you can make sure that taking care of yourself is always at the top o ...
  • Reflect 365 is a daily reflective journal designed to help you learn and grow from your past life experiences.    How to use this journal: There are 365 reflective journal prompts within this journal. ...
  • This daily journal is designed to help you make yourself more of a priority and bring more self-care to your daily life. By setting aside just a few minutes each day to reflect and engage in activitie ...
  • The Bullshit Repellent Pin playfully resembles a bottle of bug spray, this pin is your witty shield against verbal pollution. 
  • Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but this adorable wooden pin is here to remind you that even when things get a bit cloudy, brighter days are just around the corner. 
  • Introducing our Shredder Enamel Pin, the perfect accessory to showcase your determination in overcoming negative thoughts.
  • Put some pep in your step with this whimsical enamel pin. Featuring pink and purple patterned pants hanging on a clothesline, this pin spreads positive vibes wherever it goes. 
  • Crafted from hard enamel and featuring a gorgeous pink and white design with a glitter accent, this pin is the perfect reminder to always have faith in yourself and your abilities.
  • This gold enamel pin represents a tube of mascara with a smiley sun casting its rays across the lid. A symbol of positivity and self-care, it's a daily reminder that your spirits and lashes can both r ...
  • Featuring a vintage typewriter in refreshing lemon and mint hues, this keyring is the perfect reminder that it's never too late to start a new chapter in your life. 
  • The Pick-Me-Up Palette is a gold enamel pin is designed to resemble a classic eyeshadow palette. It has a hinged design, so you can actually open it up to reveal a surprise - a mini palette of 4 glitt ...
  • This stylish gold and white hard enamel pin is the perfect way to express your self-confidence and pride. Let people see who you truly are with this simple yet powerful statement.
  • This inspirational enamel pin features the quote "one day at a time" on a sweeping pink banner surrounded by floral accents. It’s the perfect encouragement to keep going and to take each day as it com ...
  • Our pocket-sized hearts come in a variety of colours and patterns, each made from natural crystal gemstones. This little worry stone is designed to bring comfort during moments of anxiety or stress. 
  • This adorable spinner ring features a cute daisy design that will surely brighten your day. Designed as a fidget ring, it serves as a valuable tool during moments of anxiety and stress, providing a so ...