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Pet Hates Toys

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Pet Hates Toys

Pawlitical parody pet toys, stuffed with satire. Has the world gone barking mad? Yes. Should we throw our politicians to the dogs? We think so. Chomp or cherish? You can cherish too!

Coming from the world of comedy, Pet Hates Toys were borne out of a desire to bring some good-old, irreverent British humour to the relentless bad news of late, and we strongly believe we all need a little silliness in our lives. Pet Hates launched in August of 2018, and everything is designed in the UK.

Pet Hates Toys are very much design-led, and our funny pet toys lend themselves to being a unique, comical, zeitgeist gift for a dog or cat owning friend, as much as they are a pet toy.

A lot of thought has gone into their design, and as well as looking good, our customers tell us they're durable too. 

...and just in case you're wondering, no we have definitely not been endorsed by any persons to create these parody pet toys. These are 100% unofficial representations.


United Kingdom

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  • Joe Biden Dog Toy

    22 Nov 2023
    Parody Presidential Joe Biden dog toy. Complete with the perfect smile (as he did win), and cute grandad moccasins with spotty socks poking out. Oh, and did we mention he's getting on a bit, so our pa ...
  • Keir Starmer Dog Toy

    22 Nov 2023
    Leader of the oppawsition, parody Keir Starmer dog toy, with a real-life looking silver quiff of hair.  Parody Keir dog toy, in a vibrantly printed smart lawyer's suit, and complete with rosy cheeks. ...
  • Is it Fake Chews? Donald Trump is a parody Pet Hates Toy. 
  • Nigel Farage

    22 Nov 2023
    The most famous Brexiter, novelty Nigel dog toy. Available in small and regular size (see our sizing chart). Parody chew toy Nigel, with double breasted suit and that famous grin. 
  • Boris Regular Dog Toy

    22 Nov 2023
    Oven ready Boris, the former British PM, available in small and regular size (see our sizing chart). Parody Boris Johnson dog toy, vibrantly printed baggy suit, complete with untucked tie. Chew toy Bo ...
  • It's Dishy Rishi, the British PM, available in small and regular size (see our Sizing Chart). Parody Rishi Sunak dog toy in a bespoke suit, complete with Prefect's badge and gold watch.  What a dapper ...