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Stand: FEM03

Motif is a collective of artists, illustrators and mark-makers, passionate about fresh, creative design.

NEW for 2024 - Refreshed Mint Tin Collections. Two brand new Winter collections featuring eight stunning designs.

Our limited-edition mint tins are unique, shareable and collectible, with each housing 32g of premium, vegan friendly peppermints, free from sugar and aspartame.

TEL: 01425 477933



7-10 Riding School Yard
BH24 3PL
United Kingdom
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  • Inspired by our location, nestled in the New Forest, Winter Solstice celebrates the stunning wildlife surrounding us.
  • Merry & Bright, with its quaint illustrated icons and joyful patterns, is an ode to the most wonderful time of the year.
  • Statement stripes and vivid hues come together to accentuate simple shapes and patterns. The use of bold colours creates an eye-catching collection that is sure to boost moods.
  • An electric mix of vivid aquatic tones and abstract shapes add surface dimension to this serene oceanic collection.
  • Clea Broad is a surface pattern designer, maker and stylist living and working in London. “I love playing with texture and exploring experimental mark making with paint, which I then manipulate digita ...
  • Artistic impressions and expressive brushstrokes in this collection represent an abstract interpretation of mood and emotions, from blue Mondays to pink cloud summers.
  • This hyperreal interpretation of the ocean explores the world of unseen sounds and frequencies, capturing chaotic yet mesmerising cymatic patterns in water against a metallic surface.
  • By connecting the past with the present, this contemporary collection provides an element of escapism through the use of nostalgic elements and vintage icons.
  • Inspired by plentiful summer harvests, this collection is an iconic celebration of Italian cuisine. Sicilian Oranges, Amalfi Lemons and Italian peaches revive the timeless allure of summers on the Ita ...
  • Inspired by marbling inks, this combination of psychedelic compositions and abstract patterns creates a fun and vibrant energy.
  • A beloved bowl from a Bangkok market was the inspiration behind the Indigo collection. The inky spills and smudges and imperfect nature of the designs creates a cool, calming collection.
  • The beauty of nature, supercharged. This new collection showcases the stunning natural forms of rocks and minerals with the galm courtesy of an amped-up colour pallette of jewel brights, and metallic ...
  • As someone who "sucks" at speaking, Ophelia chooses to express herself with colours and shapes. "A few years ago I started to see colours whenever I closed my eyes.  The composition of colours was so ...
  • Mint Tin Collections 2023 - 2024 Covetable confectionery to complement your aesthetic is Motif’s mission. Taking inspiration from the worlds of fashion, interiors, art and pop culture, we are bringing ...