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Kensho Heirlooms

Stand: B83
Kensho Heirlooms

Launching their demi-fine jewellery brand at Top Drawer's Launchpad, the jewellery artists at Kensho Heirlooms draw inspiration from history, mysticism, and architectural relics. Embracing the beauty of imperfections, each piece takes a bold approach and is crafted by hand using a 5000-year-old lost wax technique.

The brand name 'Kensho' encapsulates a Ulyssian journey of the soul, symbolising self-discovery and growth. Step into our Gallery at B-83 to discover modern heirlooms that reflect a narrative of timeless elegance and personal exploration.


United Kingdom

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  • Ideal for Valentine's Day, "The Origins of Love" draws inspiration from the upside-down heart motif popularised before the 14th Century. 
  • The Keeper of Charms necklace serves as your personal canvas for expression. Layer one or more charms to showcase your unique purpose every day.
  • This exquisite museum-inspired piece captures the opulence of Byzantine metalwork. Featuring a Gold Cross, two Amethysts, and a Jade - a true fusion of history and modern elegance.
  • Soft on one hand. Wild on the other. A new face each night. An unwavering resolve to shine, even on the stormiest nights. Espouse the peaceful multifacetedness with An Ode to Transformation earrings.
  • With the ancient art of astrology becoming a modern guide for delving deeper into self-discovery, Kensho's dainty amulets blend artistry with astrology, inviting you to uncover your cosmic identity.
  • The masterpiece, the Magnum Opus of the Creator, this medallion pays homage to the sacred womb—a symbol of fertility, creation, and deep wisdom. Engraved with the mantra - The miracle lies within me.