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Happy Little Doers

Stand: M51
Happy Little Doers

Happy Little Doers is a multi-award winning children's toy brand specialising in activity flashcards, games and prints for newborns to 10 years old. Our products are all designed to help kids discover their favourite way of learning through play.

We're incredibly excited to be launching our first new pack of 2024 at Top Drawer SS24, designed for ages 1 to 3, and completing our collection to support every age from 0 to 10 years.


West Sussex
United Kingdom
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  • High-contrast activity flashcards, designed to help newborn and baby development through sensory play.
  • The original and unique number flashcards by Happy Little Doers - exploring the world of numbers through play.
  • Our Numbers Extension Activity Flashcards pack is designed to be used alongside the original Numbers Activity Flashcards to learn larger numbers and more complex sums.
  • Our wipeable Shapes Flashcards are designed to help encourage pre-writing skills and provide the building blocks for learning.
  • Our wipeable Writing Activity Flashcards are the simple way to learn handwriting with confidence.
  • Our popular Phonics Flashcards are designed to help build confidence in letter sounds & reading with minimal distraction.
  • Happy Little Doers Tricky Word Flashcards for kids have been meticulously crafted to transform the process of learning frequently used Tricky Words into an enjoyable and engaging experience!
  • Discover the Award-Winning Times Table Flashcards from Happy Little Doers – A Vibrant Learning Experience!
  • Go back in time and discover the fascinating world of prehistoric dinosaurs with the Dinosaur Activity Flashcards.
  • Dive deep and discover the earth’s incredible ocean life with our eco-friendly Ocean Activity Flashcards!
  • Calling all space explorers, it’s time to launch into outer space. Learn about Space with Happy Little Doers Space Activity Flashcards.
  • Start your own bakery and learn about saving, spending and making money!
  • Explore the Wonders of Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids.
  • Dive deep into the Ocean Memory Game and train your brain with this portable pack of 44 jumbo playing cards showing incredible Ocean life!  Play snap and the classic memory game but, let me warn you . ...
  • A portable pack of 44 jumbo-playing cards for the little dino lover in your life. Play fun games with these beautifully illustrated cards and learn how to pronounce each dinosaur name at the same time ...
  • The classic game of memory match and snap with illustrations of planets in outer space for kids! A great game for training memory and building resilience in kids.
  • The classic game of memory match and snap with yoga and mindfulness poses for kids! A great game for training memory and building resilience in kids.
  • Educational wall prints make learning the Times Tables a breeze.  The perfect wall accessory for any kids room or playroom.  These A3 skip counting and grid style prints bring fun to learning and look ...
  • Our popular writing prints now available as a duo – a great reference for learning how to write the alphabet and numbers. The perfect wall accessory for any kids room or playroom. Digitally printed on ...