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Gluttonous Gardener

Stand: C34
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Gluttonous Gardener

Growbar is a cleverly curated, unique collection of seeds nestled in neat, fertile coir bar, ready to grow and harvest at home. Just add water!

Flower Bars: Sunflower Bar, Edible Flower Bar, First Aid Bar, Bouquet Bar, Confetti Bar, Cat Bar, Dog Bar, Bee Bar, Bird Bar, Butterfly Bar

Edible Bars:  Strawberry Bar, Tiny Tomato Bar, Cocktail Bar, Tea Bar, Red Hot Bar, Popcorn Bar, Gin Bar, Beer Bar, Pizza Herbs Bar, Exotic Vegetable Bar, Exotic Fruit Bar, Indian Chef Bar, Chinese Chef Bar, Thai Chef Bar 

Heritage Bars: Victorian Flowers, Medieval Herbs, Shakespearean Flowers, Biblical Herbs, Artists Flowers, Roman Herbs, Jane Austen Flowers, William Morris Flowers 

Garden Trio's:

Veg Garden Trio - Red Hot Bar, Tiny Tomato Bar, Exotic Veg Bar

Chef's Garden Trio - The Indian Chef's Bar, The Thai Chef's Bar, The Chinese Chef's Bar

Wildlife Garden Trio - Bee Bar, Bird Bar, Butterfly Bar


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  • A collection of timeless flowers treaseured by Jane Austen. 
  • A collection of classic flowers that inspired William Morris. 
  • A collection of fragrant herbs introduced by the ancient Romans. 
  • Grow your own feline-friendly herb garden. This fragrant duo are adored by all felines, provoking excitement and happiness when sniffed, nibbled or rolled on.
  • Keep your four-legged friend healthy and happy with their very own herb garden.
  • Create perfect gin-based cocktails with this trio of aromatic garnishes.
  • Grow beautiful butterfly-friendly flowers to fill your garden with spectacular displays of nectar-rich crimson and purple blooms.